Huntsover Farms offers full-care boarding at low-cost prices. Our facility includes 28 large box stalls, each with a stall gate and window to allow maximum air flow. Horses are turned out on large well-maintained grass pastures, with access to fresh water, for a minimum of 7 hours daily. All paddocks are safely fenced with three board oak or white vinyl fencing. Stalls are cleaned twice daily (using bagged shavings to prevent dust), horses are fed & watered three times each day, and blankets & sheets are routinely changed as the temperature rises & falls. Mane pulls, show trims, injury care & veterinary follow-up, coordinated shoeing & dental programs, laundry and stable supplies are also included in board at Huntsover Farms. The owners/trainer live on-site, thereby assuring boarders of 24/7 observation and security.

Huntsover Farms has a large outdoor and indoor arena, both of which are meticulously groomed twice daily. Besides having the best of footing for your horse, Huntsover also boasts 2 complete courses of show jumps, including walls, flowers, coups, etc. An electronic gate on the driveway assures security so no horse ever has access to the paved road. The barn itself includes 3 heated tack rooms, a heated observation room (complete with T.V., DVD player, microwave, soda & candy machines, water cooler and coffee pot) as well as covered bleachers attached to the outdoor arena to make for comfortable viewing of lessons when outside.