Competition Calendar 2016-2017

We will add a few shows and possibly subtract a few as circumstances warrant.

28-31 Country Heir Horse Show, National “A” Robert’s Arena
4-7 Country Heir Winter 1, National “A” Robert’s Arena
10-14 Country Heir Winter II, Premier “AA” Wilmington, OH
2-6 Country Heir Winter III, Premier “AA” Wilmington, OH
12-13 Woodbine Farms, W/USEF Medals, Local Member Chelsea, MI
23-26 Country Heir Horse Show, National “A” Wilmington, OH
30-4/3 Country Heir Horse Show, National “A” Wilmington, OH
23-24 Woodbine, USEF Local Member Chelsea, MI
4-8 HJAM Welcome, Premier “AA” Waterloo Hunt, Grass Lake, MI
11-15 HJAM Welcome II, Premier “AA” Waterloo Hunt, Grass Lake, MI
18-22 Hunter Jumper Assoc of MI, Premier “AA” Grass Lake, MI
8-12 Country Heir I, Premier “AA” Lexington, KY
15-19 Country Heir II, Premier “AA” Lexington, KY
17-19 Woodbine, National "A" Chelsea, MI
28-7/3 Waterloo Hunt, National "A" Grass Lake, MI
13-17 Great Lakes Equestrian Festival II, Premier“AA” Traverse City, MI
20-24 Great Lakes Equestrian Festival III, Premier“AA” Traverse City, MI
27-31 Great Lakes Equestrian Festival IV, Premier“AA” Traverse City, MI
8-14 USEF Pony Finals Lexington, KY
19-21 Woodbine, HJAM MEDAL FINALS, National "A" Chelsea, MI
21-25 USEF Pony Finals Lexington, KY
13-16 PA National Horse Show (USEF Medal Finals), Must qualify Harrisburg, PA
13-16 National Horse Show (Maclay Finals), Must qualify Lexington, KY

  1. Premier “AA ”Shows are 5 day shows., National “A” Shows are 4 day shows.
  2. Junior/Adult classes in hunters and eq are not run until Fridays, and mostly on Saturday’s /Sunday’s at the winter/spring shows, when students are in school. The weekdays are typically Professional classes offered to acclimate the horses to the show facility.
  3. “AA” Shows are slightly higher in price due to the extra day (Wed) as well as offering more money in “pay-back money” and more points for National and Zone Championships.
  4. Stadium Jumping has procured more dates for their shows up north. They now will run from July 6th through August 28th. I wish to continue attending weeks 2 – 4, as we have in the past. This allows us to attend the Waterloo Hunt Show, then rest the horses (and us) for a week, then head up north.
  5. Please write on the Horse Show dry erase board , when you sign up for shows, if you plan on being in “Partial Care.” I will assume you wish to be in “Full Care” unless otherwise noted on board.

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